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Sliding Sash

Introducing uPVC Vertical Sliding Sash Windows: A Perfect Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Our uPVC vertical sliding sash windows are the perfect marriage of traditional design and modern innovation. With their unique features, energy efficiency, noise reduction, durable construction, customizable design options, and cost-effectiveness, they are the ideal choice for homeowners who want to preserve the classic charm of their property while enjoying the benefits of advanced technology. 

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Safe, Secure and Durable

All our sash windows are enhanced with high toughened glass as standard. Because they're made from uPVC, they're way stronger and more resistant to wear and tear than traditional wooden windows. You won't have to worry about them warping, rotting, or fading, which means they're low-maintenance and last for ages. 

Maintenance Free - Tilt and Easy Clean

Our PVC-U sash windows are incredibly low maintenance, requiring only a quick wipe down with a damp cloth to keep them looking as good as new. The window sashes feature an inward opening tilt facility to allow easy and safe cleaning of the outside frame and glass from inside your home. This is particularly useful for second storey windows, or windows positioned in a hard to reach place, like above a conservatory.

Stunningly Elegant

It’s the little details that help make our sash windows as authentic as possible. Our PVC-U windows are designed to be smooth and sleek with slim profile sections giving a better appearance, which is pleasing to the eye as well as offering improved views from the inside and outside. To complete the timber-like appearance, our windows incorporate the same stylish features found on original timber sash windows such
as astragal bars, decorative sash horns and traditional-style operating hardware.

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Child Restrictor

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Sash Security Bar_edited.jpg

Security Bar

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Sash Security Bar_edited.jpg

Toughened Glass


Classic White


Golden Oak


Light Oak


Slate Grey










Deep Blue

Colour Options

Timber box sash windows were always painted, and you can replicate this look. If you want a more natural effect, our White, Cream, Golden Oak and Irish Oak foils give a realistic woodgrain appearance that mimics the grained texture and appearance of an original timber window.

We also offer colour outside/white inside options in Chartwell Green, Anthracite Grey, Agate Grey, Rosewood, Black Brown, Cream, Golden Oak and Irish Oak. With this option, you can choose the external colour you like, while maintaining a white interior to better suit your home’s decoration.


Add the finishing touches to your new windows with traditionally-styled vertical slider hardware. Pole eyes, tilt knobs, sash lifts, sash locks and travel restrictors are fitted as standard, but we can also offer D handles if needed. All hardware is available in Chrome, Gold, White, Black or Satin Chrome to complement our range of colours.

In addition to this, our PVC-U sash windows are designed to be extremely safe and secure. High-performance locking systems keep your home safe from potential intruders to give you extra peace of mind.

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