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Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. Ealing Windows Ltd conducts business only upon and subject to the terms and conditions set out below. Any exclusion to the said terms must be accepted by the company in writing.

2. No omission by the company, whether by the way of indulgence, failure to enforce or otherwise, shall be consulted as a waiver of any of the company’s rights. The company will complete and effect the installation of the goods as soon as possible, however the company cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by delays in manufacture or delivery of the goods.

3. The company agrees to install at the address, the product as per the specification on the final invoice, complete and in working order. It is the responsibility of the customer to check and confirm the product specification before making a payment and booking a survey. Where building contractors are involved, manufacturing will not proceed until all details have been agreed by both parties.

4. Representative’s samples are used to demonstrate a typical Window(s) and Door(s) shown in the written quotation will be measured and manufactured in the way considered suitable by the company and the right is reserved for modification subject to customer’s approval. Specification of products may change, if this occurs the company will notify the Customer of such changes. The final measurements and layout of the Window(s) and Door(s) will be at the discretion of the surveyor unless agreed otherwise in writing.

5. The Customer agrees to permit access to the installation address to the company, its representatives and workmen at reasonable times so that the company may complete the installation. 

6. The installation of replacement windows, patio/ bi-folding, conservatories, orangeries and residential doors into the Customer’s premises shall be subject to the company’s Surveyors approval. In the event of the company terminating this agreement after receiving its Surveyors report the Customer’s deposit shall be refunded in full without any further obligation on the part of the company.

7. The company does not undertake to move services, fixtures or fittings which are ancillary to the basic structure of the property, e.g radiators, pipes, doorbells, electricity, telephone, TV and satellite cables, unless otherwise agreed with the company in writing. The customer shall remove all household fixtures, including curtains, nets and blinds prior to the installation. The company is not responsible for refitting any of the above mentioned items.

8. The company or its representatives will be in no way responsible for any decorative defects in the property before the installation. The company makes no provision for decoration, painting or tilling during or after the installation. However, the company will make good any defects caused during the installation which includes cracks, holes and openings in walls caused as a direct result of the installation, short of decoration, painting or tilling. Every effort is made to finish work to a very high standard and without defects. However, quality of finish is subjective and the customer does not have the right to withhold funds on this basis. The company cannot be held responsible for repairs to such.

9. The company offers the Customer a limited ten year guarantee on materials and workmanship. This does not cover any form of condensation, unless the hermetic sealed units break down and water forms between the panes of glass. The company reserves the right to invalidate any Warranty if all monies on account have not been settled in full.

10. The warranty is invalid in the event a claim arises due to movement in the aperture of the door or window installed by the company . This may be due to subsidence, construction work or any other reason that may cause the structure of the property to move.

11. All materials (frames, glass and hardware) used by the company is the best available. In the event of a warranty claim it will be at the manufactures discretion to repair or replace.

12. All glass used by the company is the best available, but glass manufacturers will not guarantee against imperfections and the company cannot be held responsible for such imperfections. All glass units carry 2 years manufacturer’s guarantee. Toughened safety glass will be used where necessary (as governed by British Building Regulations).

13. All hermetically sealed units are produced to conform to the FENSA specification regulation L.

14. The Customer shall not be entitled to cancel this Contract without penalty. If the Customer purports to cancel this Contract after Survey, the Customer agrees to pay the company any expenses reasonably incurred by the company and will do so immediately upon representation of the company’s invoice.

15. All items on this contract will be manufactured immediately after our company Surveyor has carried out the technical survey, therefore this Contract cannot be cancelled after survey.

16. Once this Contract commences, should the Customer request additional work to be undertaken by the company the company reserves the right to request deposit for any reasonable costs incurred, dependant on cost of materials and workmanship required.

17. The installation is deemed complete when the agreed door(s) and/or window(s) have been secured to the aperture, are in working order and made weather tight. 

18. Full payment becomes due on order when the company presents the Customer with the invoice. The company offers the Customer following payment terms to allow the Customer to make stage payments. However, the company reserves the right to demand full payment at any stage and withhold works if it suspects the Customer may default or unnecessarily delay payment on completion. The payment terms offered by the company are: The company will require an initial deposit of 50% on order. The second Payment of 25% will be required at least 24hrs before installation. The final payment of 25% must be pre-authorised via debit/credit card within 24hrs before the commencement of the installation. This payment is only deducted on completion.

All orders placed are strictly subject to the terms and conditions stipulated above. These terms and conditions apply regardless of whether or not the customer has explicitly agreed to them or not.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without any prior notification.


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